Although Birds of Prey was cancelled after only thirteen episodes, this site remains dedicated to bringing you as much meta-human goodness as possible. Throughout this site, you will find information about the show as well as loads of images, screen captures, trailers, clips and much more! If you have any material worth linking to or even hosting on this site, just drop me an email at

After the cancellation of the series, many fans banded together in order to try and save the show. But despite having an organised online campaign (the likes of which has been successful for Farscape and Roswell), the series remained cancelled and the cast and crew moved on to greener pastures.

You can still show your support for the series by visiting the above site.

In the City of Gotham, a war raged through the criminal underworld, affecting not just those sworn to protect but the entire city. As a symbol of fear, billionaire Bruce Wayne fought to defend the innocent and helpless under the secret identity of Batman, also known as the Caped Crusader. His one true love was Selina Kyle, a woman who once went by the name Catwoman as was considered one of Gotham's biggest criminals. Unbeknownst to Batman however, their passion left behind something extraordinary...a daughter.

After his most fearsome battle against the criminal mastermind Joker, Bruce Wayne's life was thrown into dissarray. Taking his revenge on the caped crusader, Joker had Selina Kyle assasinated infront of her daughter Helena, and then he took on Batman's protoge himself. Armed with the knowledge that Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon, was actually the hero-in-training Batgirl, Joker tracked her down.

That confrontation left Gordon crippled. Unable to deal with the devastating blow Joker had given him, Batman fled leaving Gotham City unprotected. Now, trained by Barbara Gordon herself, Helena Kyle (now known as The Huntress) and Dinah Lance (daughter of the Black Canary) are the protectors of New Gotham.

They are the Birds of Prey.


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