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If this is your first visit to the Alias: A Free Agent website, then welcome to the agency and I hope you enjoy your stay. But if you are a frequent visitor then you'll probably notice the site has undergone a massive overhaul and is now crammed with more juicy Alias stuff than ever before. Here is a quick run down of everything you can expect to find:

Site Features

Who is Milo Rambaldi? How does the Alias cast and crew do what they do on a daily basis? You can find all this and more in the Features section which also includes episodic reviews, biographies and lots of other info you won't find anywhere else.

CIA Mission Debriefings

Everything you ever wanted to know has just been declassified. Mission Logs include a guide to every episode of the series (as originally published by ABC.com) as well as a mountain of Alias trivia and casting information.

Image Galleries

Whether it's the official Touchstone photoshoots your looking for or original screen captures we've got the goods for you here. There are images for every episode of the show plus one or two extra's you won't find anywhere else like captures from deleted scenes and the mysterious works of Milo Rambaldi.

Alias Downloads

Bringing Alias to you, the Download pages host a range of material related to the spy-drama including desktop wallpapers, fonts, audio and video plus some exclusive material you won't find on any other website.

The Music Guide

Alias is renowned for its amazing score by Michael Giachianno and it's use of commercial music to achieve the intense atmosphere of the series. Here you will find a complete list of all music played on the series as well as samples and info on how to buy your favourite tracks.

Links, Contact and the Online Shop

These sections kind of speak for themselves: a collection of links to various Alias-related websites and a shop where you can purchase all the Alias merchandise you could ever want. Most importantly, thanks to the Amazon Associate program all purchases help support this site!

All feedback on the new design (or for anything at all on the site) is welcome and you can find details on how to do that on the contact pages. I hope you enjoy your visit.

~ Alanistic



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