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Welcome to the Features section. Here you will find a whole load of content that you'll struggle to find anywhere else.

Alias Filming Locations
Where is APO and where does Sydney live, just how far did Sloane go to find the Sphere of Life and why do all sky scrapers have the same lobby? Find out all this and more plus a Google Maps guide to the most noteable Alias locations in Los Angeles.
Season 5 Declassified: Original Reviews
Original reviews of the fifth season, starting with "Prophet Five". Can the show really survive without Michael Vaughn, will the new recruits be able to make a home for themselves in the agency? If you're asking these questions, then look no further...the answers are here!
Season 4 Declassified: Original Reviews
Sloane is back in charge. Just how many times can that guy change his loyalties? All twenty two episodes have just been deciphered. With the triumphant return of Irina Derevko, but introduces Mia Maestro as Sydney's half-sister, Nadia Santos. The Bristow family just got a little bit bigger!
Season 3 Declassified: Original Reviews
The man she loves is no longer hers, the life she knew no longer exists...everything has changed! Alias is back, and this time with a whole new dark and twisted mystery to solve and a new evil plotting from the shadows...

Jennifer Garner Elektrafies
Trained as a ninja and abandoned by the man she loves, Alias' Jennifer Garner is back as the assassin for hire that originally appeared in Daredevil. Learn everything you need to know about Elektra.


The Music Of Michael Lord
As usual, Alias' new season will see the inclusion of several soundtracks from some of the best artists around, including Michael Lord, who's debut album "Sway" is available now.


Playing The Spy Game
If you've always wanted to take part on a CIA mission of your own, now you can! Alias The Game is now available for the Xbox, Playstation 2 and PC, allowing you to taken control of the CIA's greatest agent, Sydney Bristow. Taken on Sloane, Sark and Anna Espinosa in this Rambaldi filled adventure.




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